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0KepOnline's Skinning Objects Pack is a Spore mod which allows you to use a lot of different objects in your adventures.

All the adventures made with this mod are share-safe!

This means you can easily share adventures made with Skinning Objects Pack with other players and they won't need to install the mod to play.
You can even publish adventures you made with it to the official Sporepedia™!

Here are some of the objects you can use in your adventures with it:

Economic Large   Cities
genericmeat_03   Placeholders
Pile Egg Large   Food
Steve   Other
Sea Monster   Tribes
Nuclear Rubble   Other
Template Planet   Planet Assets
Colony Docks   Cities
Land Vehicle Creator Base   Creators


In this adventure you can see some of the simple drafts made with the mod objects.
Play it without the mod installed to see how it works:


0KepOnline's Skinning Objects Pack needs the user to have Spore ModAPI and Universal Property Enhancer installed.

Download the mod!
(version: v1.3, last update: Apr 7, 2024)

0KepOnline's Skinning Objects Pack, Spore ModAPI and Universal Property Enhancer are not associated with Electronic Arts / Maxis.
All the trademarks belong to their respective owners.