Minecraft Skin Face to SVG

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Easily convert any Minecraft player's skin face into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) using this simple tool.
Whether you're a developer working on a Minecraft fansite, this API is here to simplify the process.

Dynamic links use max-age=3600 (1 hour) cache, static links use long-term cache.
Alternatively you can use &nocache query parameter to prevent caching.
Warning: MC2SVG doesn't have any internal cache for dynamic links, though Cloudflare may cache those to prevent DDoS.

Error pages return 500 or 429 status codes.
If the server keeps returning 403, email me. This can be a Cloudflare-side issue.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is supported. This means you can also use this API in your JavaScript.
Responds also contain Content-Disposition: attachment header.

Attribution is not mandatory, but it is recommended.
If you're looking for a Minecraft face to raster graphics converter, then take a look at Crafatar instead.

https://scenariopla.net/mc2svg/get  -  endpoint URL
Query parameters:
?texture  -  skin texture hash, priority: 1
?uuid  -  player UUID, priority: 2
?nickname  -  player nickname, priority: 3
&size  -  size in pixels, number > 0, default: 512
&crisp_edges  -  add crispEdges attribute, boolean, default: true
&hat  -  use hat overlay layer, boolean, default: true
&smaller  -  don't add stroke attribute, boolean, default: false
&nocache  -  use no-cache response headers

Fan-made webpage & API. Not associated with Mojang Studios or Microsoft Corporation.
All rights belong to their respective owners.
Minecraftia font by Andrew Tyler is used.
Report any bugs to this e-mail: i.am [at] scenariopla.net
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